SAUC Open Letter (4/20/00)
Open Letter to Michael Robertson (5/1/00)
What Happened to SaveNapster.com? (5/1/00)
Open Letter to Napster (5/4/00)
Open Letter to Hilary Rosen (5/4/00)
Is Lars Ulrich Clueless About the Internet? (5/03/00)
What Does Paul McCartney Have Against Me? (5/09/00)
Interview with Gene Kan (5/14/00)
Open Letter to Sonicnet (5/15/00)
Is Eminem An Idiot? (5/18/00)
Napster: Supply and Demand Unbound (5/23/00)

Open Letter to Tom Silverman of Tommy Boy Music (5/26/00)
Edgar Bronfman's Declaration of War Against the Internet (5/27/00)
Open Letter to Michael Robertson (II) (6/15/00)
Open Letter to the Tabloids (6/21/00)
Open Letter to Media Enforcer (6/22/00)
Open Letter to Hilary Rosen (II) (6/28/00)
Letter to Senator Leahy on The Future of Digital Music (7/17/00)
Open Letter To Rob Reid, CEO of Listen.com (7/17/00)
The RIAA: Redefining the English Language (7/21/00)
Open Letter to Cary Sherman (7/27/00)

Response to "Two Faces and Big Lies" by Eric S. Raymond (7/30/00)
Problems with the Ownership of Music (7/31/00)

Some of the above articles and letters appeared on the following websites: Paylar$, Dimension Music, Cybertropix, AudioSpeak, ScrewMetallica.org, and Orange Alley.


Steve Albini
The Problem With Music

Nick Arnett
The Internet and the Anti-net

John Perry Barlow
The Economy of Ideas
Selling Wine Without Bottles: The Economy of Mind on the Global Net
Stopping the Information Railroad

Brad Biddle

How Free Is Free Music?

Marie D'Amico
Can I Borrow A Bit of Digital?
Digital Copyrights In an Analog World
Playing Music On the Net

Melanie DeCarolis
How Digital Downloads Could Save The Music Industry

Esther Dyson
Intellectual Value

Dr.Godfried-Willem RAES
The absurdity of copyright

Mike Godwin
When Copying Isn't Theft

Cory Gowan
My Life as a Music Pirate

Ivan Hoffman
Electronic Rights

Jon Katz
The Corporate Republic
The Music Industry and the MP3
Shut Down Metallica, Not Napster
Will This Genie Ever Go Back In The Bottle?
Metallica's "Justice" And Napster
Part One: In A Virtual World, Who Owns Ideas?
Part Two: Who Owns Ideas?
Feedback: Who Owns Ideas
Analysis: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act
The Digital Millennium Copyright Act: Part Two
The Empire Strikes Back

Jaron Lanier
Piracy is Your Friend

Roger A. McCain
The Case for Minimal Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

Fair Use
Changing Copyright
Negativland & the RIAA
Shiny, Aluminum, Plastic, and Digital

Kurt Nimmo
Open Letter to Lars Ulrich
Open Letter to Hilary Rosen
Open Letter to Napster
Is Lars Ulrich Clueless About the Internet?
Nine thoughts on free music file sharing

Vito Peraino
The Law of Increasing Returns

Eric Pierce
Freedom of Ownership or Ownership of Freedom?

Eric S. Raymond
The Cathedral and the Bazaar
Homesteading the Noosphere

Harvey Reid
ASCAP & BMI-Protectors of Artists or Shadowy Thieves?

Lance Rose
Is Copyright Dead on the Net?
The Emperor's Clothes Still Fit Just Fine

Jeff Rothfeder
To Have and To Hold

Ram Samudrala
The Free Music Philosophy (v1.4)
Beam me up, Hilary!
A primer on the ethics of "intellectual property"
Free Music: progress and prospects
The future of music

Pamela Samuelson
The Copyright Grab
Copyright and Censorship: Past as Prologue?
Tightening the Copyright Noose

Richard Stallman
The GNU Manifesto
On Free Hardware
Thus Spake Stallman
The Right Way to Tax DAT

Michael Stutz
Copyleft and the Information Renaissance

Hiroo Yamagata
Richard Stallman Interview

George Zahora
MP3 (and the end of society as we know it)

A Chronology of Events in Home Recording Rights
Blasphemous Procurement:an interview with Antonio Mendoza
Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Ear Training: A Digital Music Primer

Knowbuddy's Gnutella FAQ
OpenNap: Open Source Napster Server

Art to Heart Petition
Musicians United

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